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Recall Sancho Panza, peasant Everyman and trusted sidekick to Don Quixote, a retired country gentleman in his fifties who has become obsessed with chivalry.  In the course of his travels, Sancho develops considerable knowledge about some books. Though illiterate, he keeps contact with his wife by dictating letters to her.
Pinky, our modern day equivalent of Sancho Panza, faithfully follows researchers on their quest of the perfect technology for autism.  With tractor treads firmed planted in both world, Pinky is perfectly suited as liaison to both.  Some of the stuff he tracks down is really fascinating.  But always being on the move, he only has time to post a picture or a video.  Here on Pinky’s Page, we will examine these gems and discuss how they might help you and your children. 
Integrating technology into education and family life will require continuing dialogue between researchers and the folks in the trenches.  Pinky’ will help to facilitate that dialogue.  
And  here on Pinky’s Page, we will present non-technical analysis of new technology and consider some practical implications.