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Autism is more than a cruel disappointment for men. It is a deep pain that can lead to isolation, self-hate and even cruelty to those closest to us.

Cinematographer Charles “CJ” Jones has walked the walk and now he’s talking the talk. His film Autistic Like Me; A Father’s Perspective tackles men’s issues head-on in a cinéma-vérité style that is poignant, powerful and punchy.

I met “CJ” when he appeared, camera in hand, in response to my request of WNYC Media  for a good videographer to document Dr. Stephen Shore’s presentation at a Mt. Sinai Medical Center autism conference in April. We discussed his vision for the film and the need for an associated community outreach program capable of helping men cope with their unique concerns and fears. Since then, “CJ” has teamed up with Robert Naseef and crack film production pros.  I am pleased that the project has progressed so rapidly.

Superficial men’s issues appear unique while, in fact, they are inexhorably tied to the larger public discussion of family issues. I will be calling upon “CJ” for his assistance with the public outreach services I am planning for use in Saudi Arabia and Southeast Asia.

For now, I’ll let the film speak for itself.

CJ & Malik

Autistic Like Me: A Father's Perspective