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This brief video explains perfectly how technology improves our ability to address autism. Behavior Imaging Solutions uses “Tivo”-like video recording to capture behavior BEFORE, during and after a behavior event. Visual clips can be annotated to building a data-base of menaingful information. Plus, it can be stored and viewed online by experts.

Watch this brief video describing the Behavior Capture system.


Peter Dowrick has been called “the father of video modeling”Creating Futures, a unit of the Center on Disability Studies (CDS)/College of Education, University of Hawaii, is directed by Drs. Peter Dowrick and JoAnn W.L. Yuen, Ed.DVideo Futures centers provide instructional materials and consultation to educators, clinicians, and family members in the use of positive video futures strategies (self modeling,feedforward, video explorations). * Self modeling: in which you see yourself succeeding at something you find very difficult. * Feedforward: you see yourself doing something you’ve never previously achieved… * Video explorations: videos of you (or by you) in possible futures further down the roadVideo Futures Start-Up Kits include: * 4 Videos: how-to step-by-step , an overview, and loads of examples * Users’ Guidebook: field tested, step-by-step teach yourself * Cases studies, articles, access to further consultation, many free services.