Breaking News: FDA fines News stations for mislabeling; “failure to list toxic Ingredients”

Remember Walter Cronkite, Howard K. Smith, Bob Shieffer, Eric Sevareid? You trusted them. If it wasn’t for Edward R. Murrow Joseph McCarthy might have destroyed our democracy. (see more

I believe the news media has a social obligation to inform, not merely report. It is a sad time for the news media. Instead of doing their homework, reporters spew fact and opinion equally as if they were synonymous. Where did these people study journalism?

People need transparency from their news sources. I think the FDA protect us from intellectual poisoning by requiring product labeling for news programming:
The tag “News” should be reserved for presentations that are reliable and responsible meaning checking resources, double-checking facts, provable, independently verifiable or even rational.
The tag “Commentary” should be given to all other presentations


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