Why Me? I paid for lunch last time. Thoughts on who should subsidize autism

Who should pay for autism?
I’m not referring to the emotional toll.  I’m talking about the bills.  Someone must be responsible and they should fork over the money.   If you think the cause of Dr. Niehouse’s son’s autism is genetic, MAYBE you believe it’s the parents’ fault….. or the grandparents… or even the milkman (no insult intended to the Niehouse family but I think you get my drift).

On the other hand, if you think it’s environmental…. then MAYBE it’s the fault of the petrochemical industry… oops… scratch that…. The Niehouses are from California so it cant be the fault of car emissions…. more than likely it’s the result of noxious gases seeking up from the San Andreas Fault.  In which case its the fault of the land developers who built houses where they shouldn’t have.   No, that’s too far fetched.

OK so forget finding fault.   Let’s marinate on who should be financially responsible.   Ok . Ok… I got it.  The little Canadian children (who require milk) forced their parents to purchase milk produced by dairy  farmers …which was sold in supermarkets catering to Canadians ….who approved the Alaskan Pipe Line which transported oil to the United States …..where it was used to produce jet fuel which we know is regularly jettisoned prior to landings (safety first!) …. over California where it saturated the soil that supported the grass that fed the cows that produced the “organic” milk sold in local supermarkets  that this child consumed.  The parents even bought organic milk for their child!  They did the right thing.

So who should get stuck with the medical bills?

I did a little homework.:

  • “… in the fourteenth century the Norse colony from Greenland was wiped out, and the very memory of the Norse discovery of America died. For practical purposes, the discoverer of the mainland of North America was John Cabot…”

A-ha.  Now were are getting somewhere.

  • “CABOT (Caboto), JOHN (Giovanni), Italian explorer, leader of voyages of discovery from Bristol to North America in 1497 and 1498; d. 1498? Neither the place nor the date of birth of Giovanni (or Zuan) Caboto, commonly called John Cabot, is known. The earliest historical document which refers to him records his naturalization as a Venetian citizen in 1476, under a procedure by which this privilege was granted to aliens who had resided continuously in Venice for 15 years or more.”

On the basis of my research, I can now place blame squarely on the 15th century Venetians who approved John Cabots’s naturalization.

It was their fault and they naturalized him.  So why won’t the Canadian government do the same for Dr. Niehouse?


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