The true measure of a man; Steve Job’s legacy

Media video:  Combining autism therapy and technology – – Iowa |.

Only a few weeks ago, it was “business as usual” in the world of international business, politics, mass media, philanthropy, communications, IT…..   what’s Apple up to?  What’s Jobs’ next surprise?  When will the new iPhone be released? Did you see the iPhone feed from the latest demonstrations?

Now, we are engaged in an international eulogy…  20/20 hindsight enabling us to reflect on the man and the true measure of his impact on the world.  This is as it should be for it is only by understanding our past can we hope to fashion our future…  a future greatly influenced by Steve’s accomplishments and the personal example he set for the rest of us follow.  

This fleeting moment of reflection … at the cusp before Steve transitions from a omnipresent, fact-of-life dynamo into another revered icon in the Pantheon of our group consciousness, is the greatest testament to his contributions and all that made him unique.  Ultimate however, we will remember him more for the course he charted to future events.  The ultimate showman, his passing serves to bring public attention his most recent innovations, the “i-Products” that are the most significant contributions yet made to helping our Special Needs children, siblings, coworkers and friends.   

Thanks for what you have done.  Thanks for what will be done by others.  The Past AND the Future.   The true measure of this man.  Steve Job’s legacy.

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  2. Adam Goldberg said:

    Thanks so much, Mike, for this poignant tribute. Being kind of shocked by the news, I’ve not been able to write much about Steve’s passing. However I’ve derived much comfort from reading tributes such as yours.

    Take care,

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