Technology; Good for autism. Good for teachers!

With all the hoopla lately about how the iPad and iPhone are helping autistic students, we’ve neglected to appreciate how technology benefits teachers.   

As tech coordinator for PS177 in NYC, I had difficulty convincing staff to incorporate computers with their daily lessons.   Six years ago, there weren’t many apps available for working with autism.  There were some primitive educational “games” and a handful of websites.   And we had Where In The World Is Carmine Sandiego.   But none of this stuff provided the appropriate content and delivery options we take for granted today.  Besides, applying this stuff to lessons required new learning curves, something harried special education teachers have little time for.   I was fighting an uphill battle.

I concluded it would be easier to gain IT converts if I focused on how technology could address the teacher’s needs.  Focusing its application in class projects instead of individual lessons would make it easier for teachers to understand the “why” and “how” and  make them more receptive to expending the effort required to learn its’ use.   I needed to promote pet projects.

Adam Goldberg, a music teacher, was one of the first staff members to give it a shot.  We had discussed how Apple’s GarageBand might be used in his music classes.  The app proved a bit clumsy for his purposes.  But, as Adam applied himself to understanding how tech might be applied to his music program, he discovered a renewed sense of optimism and enthusiasm that something pretty amazing might be around the corner.   


We understand that Technology is helping students.  

But,  IN THIS VIDEO  shot by Susan Abdulezer of the NYC       Department of Education, we get a picture of how technology  is helping teachers experience renewed enthusiasm in their           role as educators.

Technology: Good for kids. Good for teachers. 

It’s a win-win situation.


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