Video Technology In Special Education

I have been a proponent for the use of video with Special Education since 1992 and the first teacher to submit video as evidence of student achievement for the New York State Alternate Assessment Program. I also proposed a program training staff to create and maintain video portfolios that would follow untestable students throughout their school career.

The portfolio, consisting of 90 second vignettes, would serve as evidence of achievement as well as a time line of student progress.

My Video Portfolios presentation to the NYC department of education

Since 2007,I have engaged nearly 200 children on the Spectrum in computer-assisted activities promoting metacognition and language development.

These videos are evidence of how students can be engaged productively by a technology that:

  • offers the security of a non-threatening, self-paced  learning experience
  • promotes 2-way communication
  • empowers them to make personal choices
  • provides a fun experience that is easy for them to comprehend
  • motivates them to interact with the outside world

Video helped many of my students to interact more appropriately with me and to master an important technology.

I have seen improvements in communication and behavior,  especially by my “lower”  functioning and pre-verbal students.

Recently, I presented on my personal experiences with video at  Celebrating the Strengths of Autism” in Orlando June 2011.  A video of  this full day event will be published in the near future.


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