Fantasy Football isn’t just for “The Guys”

By michael leventhal

Football may not be your game. But if you could have your “druthers”, whom would you choose to coach a dream team for Spectrum kids?  I asked around. 

As an Early Intervention provider, Joel Levine practiced a “family model” approach to improving physical and behavioral skills by enlisting the participation of siblings and other family members. Now, as Clinical Supervisor with the NYC Department of Education, Joel leads 250 Occupational Therapists in a program focused on collaborative instruction with teacher/paraprofessional teams to teach a wide variety of skills within the natural environments of school and community.

Joel’s top pick for coaches is OT with emphasis on Sensory Integration. Why? Because football is a frantic game held in a large and noisy stadium. You can’t play without the ability to focus on the game.  Joel believes that sensory considerations should be of paramount concern when developing an educational plan. Sensory integration should be an integral to the curriculum, not merely an adjunct. It is both more productive (and more efficient) to provide OT services in the course of regular instruction. Joel envisions a process of formal intake, goal development and assessment to make sure no player is excluded from the huddle

I’ll be reporting more results.    In the meantime, who do you pick for the dream team?


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