Video Modeling; We know what we don’t know

Video modeling is clinically safe, effective, simple, and cheap. It has been recommended for nearly forty years.  Yet, few parents or schools use it. With modern computers, making home movies is less intimidating than ever before.  With a little preparation, you could do it.  Assuming you believe that VSM significantly enhances the personal, social, and educational development of children on the Spectrum, what would stop you from using a wonderful, easy to use tool?

  • As a tech-savvy teacher, all you might need is some direction to get you started.
  • As a Principal, you would have educational, administrative and procedural issues to contend with.
  • Everybody is concerned about cost, purpose, validity, value, standards, training, ease of use, support, reporting or coordination?
  • Should your school initiate a program or should parents and therapists try it first?
  • How could a VM project help at your school?

To insure customer satisfaction, technology vendors address all these issues.  But, there is no sales support for video modeling because it is free. VM advocates must step up to pave the way for potential consumers of the tool.  Technology Integration in Special Education.ning( will:

  1. Survey parents, educators, therapists and administrators to identify their opinions and issues
  2. Locate and identify existant resources able to satisfy consumer needs
  3. Identify those needs not met by existent resources

A panel discussion and progress report will be presented at ISTE 2010.


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