First collaboration for autism

The study of video modeling began in the early 1970s with the advent of the consumer video industry. While people became comfortable making home videos, few ever considered editing them, let alone mused that one day editing would prove a boon for autism. Unfortunately, those with vision usually lacked the equipment and technical know-how. Today, commercially produced modeling videos are available. But while technology makes it possible for anyone to create self-modeling clips, few have even heard of the practice. This situation is about to change.

Next year, video modeling will be in the spotlight and the autism community will be seeking information en masse. Thousands of parents and educators will spread across the Internet seeking advice, guidance, training or support. Unfortunately, the information highway is congested and no one has published a road map for video modeling. In the absence of any recognized authority, consumers will be forced to cherry pick Information from sources that can only provide more links to the same research. The existence of a portal to authoritative information, advice, training and support would enhance efforts on the local level.

While parents, educators and administrators have common concerns, they will also have questions regarding their unique role in VM. Do teachers want the security of best-practice standards? Do parents want training and support from school or home therapists? By identifying their legitimate concerns, we can provide both needed content and an efficient method of distribution. Only stakeholders themselves can identify their issues.

This project will:


  • Identify concerns of parents, educators and administrator regarding use of video modeling.
  • Determine what information and services are needed to satisfactorily address these concerns
  • Identify potential sourcesof such information or services.Absent appropriate sources, create content or service
  • Propose a means of linking people with these resources
  • Be presented in a panel presentation at the ISTE 2010 conference


A  group Stakerholder Survey will prepare, distribute and analyze a survey for parents, educators and administrators that poses the question, “What do you need in order to start a VM project?”

A group Collaborator Forum, will review the survey results evaluating their nature, scope and degree.

Additional sister groups may then be formed to:

  • Recommend the resources/services required to service community needs
  • Identify resources/services currently available
  • Identify resources/services currently not available

A group ISTE Presentation will then:
review this information in order to determine a system best suited to delivering the solution
Prepare a presentation on the history, value and future of Video Self Modeling
Prepare a report on the results of the stakeholder survey project
Present findings at ISTE 2010 Denver

Our researchers have published and presented extensive for the adoption of VM. In addition, Tom Buggey is LEADING having published a “How to” manual which should be ready next week. Danielle Vescolani is REACHING through her wonderful site for the autism community. And Seana Smith, author, TV producer and mother of a child on the Spectrum is PRACTICING and PREACHING with the scores of modeling clips she has made with her son.


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